Monday, April 19, 2010

How to walk sexy and comfortably in high heels

If your like me you cant just throw on a pair of heel and walk around normal. I have however discovered a pair of black pumps which I can walk in. they have a wide heel bottom and I can go just about anywhere in them. I am not a high heel virgin but it has been many years since I wore them after twisting my ankle in a pair years ago.

So here are some great tips for getting around in a pair of heels

  • Start by walking int hem at home if your new to heels. I took my new pumps out today for a walk with the dog to see if I could wear them again without hurting myself. So rather then wearing them for the first time somewhere important I tried them out. This is a good idea for any one with new high heels not just the newbie.

  • Walk slow with long steps. Little steps make you more likely to trip. I remember years ago when I walked in heels I used to take very very huge log steps. I did it for years later in my runners too. Now I have to learn to do it again! But I remember just how sexy I felt taking my long steps.

  • The more straps on the ankles the better it helps with stability. You want more ankle support, so look for a pair with a thick or multiple straps around the ankle.

  • The higher the heel the more your hips push forward so put your weight on your heels and lean back a little to spread you weight more evenly. Check your posture in the mirror before going out. See how much lean you need. Using your core muslce will help you lot to keep balanced. Sign up for yoga.

  • The secret to a sexy walk is to swing! Own them shoes.

  • No need to go super high right away if your not used to heels. Start with lower heels they will give you the same sexy feel as 4 inch heels but you can walk more comfortably in them! If you need more height look for a platform rather then a heel. But you best to start with a kitten heel.

  • Once you get a feel for walk try turning stopping and dancing in them at home, and dont forget stairs! (Make sure the whole show lands on each step – heel and toe)

  • Don't attempt to walk on snow or grass in stilettos – the heel will sink into them. Also be very careful on ice. Avoid gravel also the small rocks will throw you all over the place.

  • Don't be afraid to take a seat and give your feet a rest! Try to take a seat every 20 minutes or so. You will last longer with breaks!

And just for fun this is a cool site to check out The High Heel Museum

And before you step into those high heels be sure to know what your getting into. The sad truth about high heels

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