Friday, July 30, 2010

Time to clean out the closet!

I have to do this again. I had to do a major clear out once before, by following these rules most everything I owned went out the door. I had hardly anything to wear for some time. But I have a new love for clothing. I search for the best deals. Ebay, thrift stores and even the clearance racks at sears. I still tell my story about dumping all my clothing and starting from nothing. So lets clean out the closet. These are the things you need to consider:

Whats the items condition? Are there any rips beyond repair? Is it over stretched? Are there any stains which will be there for ever? Is it pilly? (the little bumps that slowly cover the fabric)

Another thing I should mention if you've been living in a apartment for a long time or are just cheap in general with you laundry its time to smarten up! Washing to much in one load will slowly ruin you clothing because its not getting the item clean. I know so many people who do this, too. But really read the care tags when washing you clothing and keep the load small enough the washer can do its job.

Does it fit? Try it on, does it fit? Really does it fit? Lift your arms, move around a bit in the item. Ok good. Is it flattering? Does it make you feel great?

I have to take pictures of myself. I find they tell you more about the item then any mirror. When you first see the photo you might be a little in shock to see just what something looks like on you. And very quickly put it into the donate pile!

So long as the item is in excellent condition you might try to swap it on a site like Rehash or Big Wardrobe. Its a lot of fun so long as the item is in excellent condition.

However items can be taken to the tailor for minor alterations and repairs, hems can be sown up. So decide if its worth altering before adding it to the donate pile.

Is it in style or a classic piece? Is it a classic piece which will never be outdated or an out dated item which really shouldn't be worn any more?

Its hard to tell if your not very up on current trends. But use you own judgment on this. I am sure your not totally in the dark.

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